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Discover the Power of Homeownership with "Who Got the Keys? Building Generational Wealth Through Real Estate"

Donna J. Rogers

This isn't just a book; it's a clarion call to black teens. Written with the intent to shed light and empower, Donna J. Rogers passionately walks young readers through the vital nuances of the real estate world. Her aim? To foster a rise in black homeownership, bridge the wealth gap, and lay strong foundations for tomorrow. 

Age Group: 13-18 (Special Focus on Real Estate Investing)

Upon turning the last page, a paradigm shift occurs: teens will not merely see homes as places to live, but as assets, as legacies, and as keystones to a future of prosperity and generational wealth.

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Are you ready to make a lasting impact? Take the next step in championing the cause of black homeownership and generational wealth. Bring "Who Got the Keys?" to your community and be the change-maker you’ve always aspired to be!

Who Got the Keys? is not just a transformative guide, it's a movement. Here’s a unique opportunity for Young Realtist® members to become catalysts of change!

We are inviting committed individuals to join us as "Who Got The Keys?" Ambassadors. You’ll undergo a specialized "train the trainer" facilitation course designed exclusively for our Young Realtist® members. Empower yourself with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights to disseminate the invaluable lessons of "Who Got the Keys?" within your local community.Our program is specially designed to help you make real-world connections, develop essential skills, shape your own future, and ignite your desire to improve and serve your community.

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